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type de pansement par rapport à une plaie

15/09/2006 23:31:23 par Staub  

que doit on utiliser comme produit de cicatrisation pour une plaie dans un service septique. pouvez vous me donner la liste des produits.existe il une revue

18/09/2006 03:28:23 par Marie

les pansements à base d'ion argent ( labo coloplast, smith et nephew...) ou pommade (flammazine) sont efficaces sur plaies infectées, en plus d'un traitement antibio par voie générale sur prescrition médicale selon la bactério de la plaie, le tableau clinique... Il n'y a pas de produit spécifique à un "service septique". Vous pouvez trouver des doc sur le site, dans le Journal des Plaies et Cicatrisations, à la Boutique du site, vous rendre aussi au congrès des JPC en janvier 2007.... (journées d'échange, d'(in)formation de savoir et savoir-faire, de réflexion et d'apprentissage des proffessionnels...)

20/11/2015 22:59:42 par QJp0Z0SC8h  

Schellinck please don't come up with a Turkish local is stndaing for mayor in Belgium. It doesn't prove anything. We also have Kurdish mayors in cities, Kurdish generals in army and even Kurdish presidents in past and MPs in now but it doesn't mean that there is no Kurdish problem. And dear @catherine Benning, it seems you are totally against Turkey to join with you, and as a EU citizen you have such a right to think so. But with all your videos and comments, i must say, you are nearly a laugh! You give the numbers you give us numbers to know how many thousands of muslims live in your countries. About minority rights, numbers are non-sense. Laws, political views and social behaviours make sense! For example, i doubt about your behaviours to those minorities after i read what you wrote. I doubt you but i surely know how minorities in EU are treated Don't make me say I don't want to upset you. Just look at the laws about minorities that passed in 2000s in France and Germany! Remember Paris riots! It had some reasons, didn't it! @DnB said minorities rejecting to follow their cultures. Wow what a nice thing to say! Now i believe what you understand about human rights! Human rights for yourself and assimilation for minorities! Come together and becoming one are totally different things. Marble or mosaic? And do you tell me why there are millions of Turks, Algerians, Arabs, Africans in your lands and why the vast majority of them are poor? Did they come by theirselves or did states invite them? Invite them because of they are cheap workforce? Are you afraid of your servants, Virginia? once had asked sister's of Virginia Woolf You can say Armenian Genocide? Well another study of history . First of all, it had happened in 1915. And in 1915 there was no Republic of Turkey. Look i said it happened Yes something had happened then. But was it really a genocide? Thousands of Armenians had died but not in the concentration camps or in prisons! Not in the hands of the Ottoman Army or Turkish soldiers They were on a migration and state forced them to immigrate but it was 1915 there was a war called World War I and Armenians was just between Russians and Turks Have a clue? I deeply feel sorry for souls who had passed in the cold days of winter on the roads and i also feel sorry for thousands of Turkish villagers who had been murdered by Russian Army and Armenian militias You want Turkey to recognize those events as a genocide while no one is talking about why whole South American continent speak in Spanish or Portuguese? Where are now all those American Indians? What happened to Algerian people when they asked their freedom from France? None of them will never be recorded as genocides on paper while Lahey lies in Europe Once again we do not live in a perfect world, and matter of fact we never did in the past too!!! So i better pay attention to my shirt for there might be blood stains on it while i talk about murder There are lots of reasons for EU to not accept or delay the membership of Turkey but all of them is two-sided and easliy disprovable. In Ankara agreement, European countries says to prepare Turkey to join the club and it shows the way And much or less Turkey tried to do what she is told to do So ? So the problem is European countries Talking about Turkey is ironically pointless because Europe is not ready for Turkey. Was never ready and had done anything to be ready. EU had not done its homework. They gave their word so early in 1963. There was no EU. EEC was just a economic relationship so it was not a big deal to make Turkey a part of their association with Greece. But when it turns to be a union, when it becomes an organization over national states and takes some sovereignties and become an identity of European people, it seemed painfull to share that identity with Turkish people! with people that they see them below, with people that they don't share the same religion, with people that they used some of them as a third kind human in their homes, streets and factories, with people that they never forget their hits on the doors of Vienna when they were in their Janissiary uniforms For ages European countries had a common ideal to clean Balkans from Turks and send them back to beyond the Constantinopolis and now they open their lands to them again by their ownd hands? It's impossible For ages, European people sees Turkish people strangers and they missed and still missing the point that Turkish people culture and how it was affected by the years that they had lived in the middle of Europe and with reforms in late Ottoman era So when you are ready if you have courage to be ready, come and knock on our door But it would be too late. As long as Europe keeps still Turkey away from Europe, Turkey slides to east more and more I mean when you come and knock that door, you might find us but not able to recognize And that Turkey would be dangerous for you because then now a clash of civilizations would come true .


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