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pst humide panaris

03/06/2006 22:31:11 par Michele  

qu'utilisez vous pour les bains de doigt et pansements humides pour les panaris? Avant je trouvais que les bains de doigt à l'hexomédine transcutanée marchaient bien, mais ce n'est plus commercialisé; alors j'ai vu: - alcool à 70° coupé d'eau - alcool à 60) pur - dakin - hexomédine solution - mélange héxomédine/ alcool - chlorexhidine existe-t-il des recommandations officielles?

05/06/2006 15:35:09 par Joelle  

j'ai le traitement suivant pour un patient: bain au dakin puis enveloppement dans une compresse de dakin sans précision de bain tiède ou pas ? ceci depuis deux jours; il est ss clamoxyl et doit faire inciser le panaris demain. je n'ai pas connaissance de recommandations.

21/11/2015 00:03:42 par Kv6qIZC327  

"Let's pick the definition of hytopinflarien as greater than 50% inflation in a month. It is as good as any. I do not see this happening."Ryan, I sincerely mean this with no disrespect or hidden sarcasm. The reason most people can't or don't "see this happening", is because they retain faith in the system. The many trillions of dollars in debt instruments that would otherwise cause hytopinflarien, are not doing so, precisely *because* they remain "static" in the form of bonds, mortgage-backed securities, default swaps, etc. Those dollars aren't 'sloshing-around' in the economy, buying & selling products & disrupting price stability.All that money has no "velocity" in the economy because we all still assign value to it, conditioned to expect it to retain or grow in value over time. And this will remain true until that unknowable day, when all of us who use dollars cross the invisible line from 'faith in the system' to 'loss of faith'. "Panic" is a force unto itself.When that day/week/month comes, all of those financial instruments will become liquid (consider a melting ice berg), flooding markets with cash that no one wants anymore.Just because all that money isn't "moving" now, doesn't mean it's no longer 'out there' anymore, or that nothing will ever change. It may not happen for years, but that day *will* come, and when it does it will 'move' faster than anyone can react.I got to witness this phenomenon first-hand in Russia in the 90's. It's a compelling thing to witness.Snoop-Diggity-DANG-Dawg


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